Italian Pasta Salad with Prosciotto and Blue Cheese


Portions: 4

Type of dish: Light Main course

Cooking time: 20 min

Difficulty: Easy

Main ingredient:
Cured meat, pasta

<4 days

“very simple and luxurious pasta salad that is easily made on the camping stove.”
300 g Pasta, gnocchi
60 g Blue cheese
0,1 l Cream for cooking/long-lasting cream
0,5 Cucumber, sliced
0,5 Leek, shredded
0,5 Head of lettuce
1 tblsp Walnuts
0,1 l Black olives
  Salt & black pepper
12 slices Prosciotto ham

1. Boil the pasta. It's supposed to be served luke warm.

2. Sprinkle blue cheese in a bowl and mix with cream. Add prosciotto, cucumber, leek and lettuce. Add the luke warm pasta. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

3. Top with walnuts and olives. Serve with bread.